My practice is an empirical exploration of the relationship between light, space and materials. My use of colour developed from an interest in the increasing extent to which colour coded systems are used to convey complex information. Initially, inspiration came from anatomical diagrams and Harry Beck’s London Underground maps and developed into the fluorescent structures. With the discovery of Electro-Luminescent Wire I began to investigate materials that modulated light and used these to make structures that controlled the composition of projected coloured light onto surfaces in the immediate environment, this concluded with the installation Five Curves for Aether in 2013. Following this I began using off the shelf RGB LEDs to exercise more control over the quality and intensity of coloured light which was embedded in expanded polystyrene. This material, itself up to 98% space, both modulated light through itself, and simultaneously reflected light from its surface, which gave it an ambiguous physical quality, and a curious presence, as sculptures became their own light source. The forms and spaces of expanded polystyrene packaging interested me, and I enjoyed subverting the materialistic nature of contemporary consumer culture by disregarding the valued electronic goods and electrifying the packaging. The use of programmable RGB LED’s has also introduced a time based element to the installations, and created opportunities for performance based installations.

Selected Exhibitions


Optica International Festival Of Video Art, 2008 Gujon 6th-8th Nov, Paris Oct 4th, Madrid Oct 16th-18th

Olympolis Project 2008, Katerini, Greece 12th-20th July 2008 


Lightbox Foiled - LCB Depot Lightbox Gallery, Leicester, 25th -31st October 2017

Five Curves for Aether – Unit One Gallery at The Grand Central, Leicester, April 1st-6th 2013

Focal Point - The DeMontfort University Cube Space at Phoenix Square Leicester, November 1st-30th 2010


Points Of Departure, Silver Vine Arts Group Show, QOB Leicester 29th April - 5th April 2016

WTS Gallery Leicester, Winter Open, 29th November - 19th December 2014

DMU Fine Art MA Show 2014

Creative Hinckley Group Show 

Chromophilia II, Creative Hinckley Gallery Space, January 30th- March 9th 2012

Chromophilia, Pedestrian Gallery Leicester, November 19th -30th 2010

20th Leicester City Gallery Annual Open, November 2008- January 2009 

Artober, Leicester Phoenix Arts, 13th-28th October 2007

ING Discerning Eye, Mall Galleries London, 15th-25th November 2007

National Architecture Week 2007, Three Ways of Seeing, Leicester - 18th -23rd June 2007

Richard Attenborough Centre, Leicester University, Group show, 2nd Sept – 3rd Oct 2006


In 2006 I completed a joint commission for the Leicester Health Authority in the new Braunstone Health and Social Care Building designed by Alan Short Architects. This commission involved two site-specific murals and seven perspex sculptures illuminated by coloured fibre-optic lights.


DeMontfort University 

BA( Hons) Fine Art, 1988 

MA Fine Art 2014


I have been a Senior Lecturer on the Foundation Art Course at DeMontfort University since 2001.


Mobile 07930658110